Brett Boyd

I build websites, design logos, and create digital brands for small businesses. Read on to see how I can help.

Recent Clients

I love helping small businesses take flight into the digital world-- a good website can provide a myriad of benefits, including increased customer satisfaction, greater business traffic, and more sales. See some of the end results for yourself.

Dr. Griffin, D.D.S.

Local dentistry business in Middle TN

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Smile! I used the tools of powerful simplicity and sleek visual design to create an online presence for Dr. Griffin's fun, family-focused dentistry business. Handling the branding, logo design, and website design, I helped my client through each step of the process, ensuring that we were always on the same page. The result is a beautifully simple but effective website, designed with the users' needs at the forefront.

Move! Music City

Local nonprofit in Middle TN

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For this volunteer project, I worked with a Nashville public school teacher to turn her vision into reality-- to bring exercise and its numerous benefits to as many young students as possible. schools. After solidifying the site's navigation and design styles, I followed our site map to craft a clear, organized site that informs visitors of the Move! Music City program and encourages them to take their next step (no pun intended).

Note: this site is now managed by the client, including new changes & content updates

Why bother?

Why go through the effort of creating (or updating) a logo and website for your business? It costs money and takes time, after all.

A good website provides a number of positive benefits for both your business and your customers.

Benefits of having a good website

Increase customer trust

A professional website with effective branding helps customers understand your mission and build trust in your business.

Save money over time

Despite their high up-front cost, websites allow you to save time and money in the future by providing answers to customer questions, contact info, and more.

Improve user experience

By having one central hub for your business online, you can help visitors find your information more quickly, helping them become customers. It's a win-win.

Why Me?

Why hire me when you could just do it yourself, or choose the cheapest option?

As it turns out, hiring a skilled professional can pay huge dividends in the future. Here are some unique benefits I can bring to the table.

What I guarantee:

  • Lower recurring costs, lower hassle, & no code

    • I can build a fully functional (& eye-catching) website that only costs $1/month to keep online. Yep, that's right! And if you need to make changes... it's ridiculously easy to do.

    • No more HTML/CSS for you to worry about (although I can use it if you really need it!).

  • A functional site that looks amazing

    • Due to my diverse background in programming, user experience design, psychology, and visual design, I can create organized websites that function smoothly and look incredible-- a combo that's incredibly vital in today's world.

  • Results that fit your needs

    • Rather than jumping straight into my design work, I ask vital questions to make sure your brand and business are perfectly represented and understood. I don't choose a single color or image until I understand what you really need.

What I don't guarantee

Aside from the benefits I provide, there are a few important things I help you avoid:

Visitors leaving your site

Few things are worse than a potential customer coming to your website and clicking away because it's confusing, poorly designed, or unprofessional.

Re-answering the same questions

Without an informative site, you might spend more time than you want answering simple questions that could be answered in a website.

Missing out on customers

If visitors don't know you exist, then they can't become customers. Most businesses are found through online searches today, so it's important to avoid falling behind.

Contact Me

I'm a believer in helping out small businesses, through the magic of web design, graphic design, and branding.

If there's something I can help you with, then let's chat!